Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thinking about archetypes

Who am I in terms of the archetypes that I have been raised with? What unconscious roles have they played in my life? How many times have I consciously made a decision or action based on an archetypal role? Do these ideas of the feminine really define me? or do they box me in and categorize me?

"We call something archetypal when we believe that it is basic, necessary, universal; the trouble comes when we begin to believe that what we have valued is the essence of what is real (10)."

"Feminine Archetypal Theory" Estella Lauter and Carol Schreier Rupprecht

Saturday, October 8, 2011


To argue with a grave marker is futile, hopeless, pathetic. It is too heavy, hard, cold and permanent. It will always be there for you when you return. It will maintain itself, and it's reflectiveness. It is there as a reminder, a memory, a statement, holding your place in line, asserting the last vestiges of an identity, providing the most basic information about an individual. "Birthdate, Deathdate, Mother, Father, Daughter, Son." it reminds us. "Look at your reflection." it tells us.

Thinking about working

I bring to the surface something that I find in myself. This can be something that I normally would not share with the world. Instead, I share it through performative action. I confront this idea or content and make it visible, and experienceable. The visual presence of this content is most important. The way my work is presented consists of careful editing of the performative action. This provides permanence in the work.