Friday, July 26, 2013

There is something stirring

It's been about a year since I earned my MFA from Moore College of Art and Design. Since then I have done a lot....I feel like I have been catching up on all the projects and things I wanted to do while in school. The wedding happened, the gardening has been ongoing, the house has been cleaned many times over, and I even had a yard sale, took up bread making, and adopted a cat, Effie. It's been a busy year and I have had a lot on my mind...including my artwork. In my mind is where it has stayed. I have played around with some things, done a few paintings, but nothing momentous or notable happened. Is it a total loss? Definitely not! I feel like perhaps I needed that break, to step back after three years of being an art making machine! Over the past year, I kept asking myself, what SHOULD I be making? Lately, I have been asking a different question: What CAN I make? What do I WANT to make. I believe that I need to let go of the notion that I should be working in a certain way,  and just let it flow.