Friday, July 29, 2011

I Have Something to Say

Looking at the peculiarities of the human condition I am able to create worlds that explore senses and memory, while conveying a child-like sensibility. One cannot fully understand themselves as individuals unless one realizes a relationship with the environment. The exploration of one's space can range from awe to the uncanny.

Recently, the body has become more important to my work.By working with my body, I can push myself beyond what is comfortable emotionally and physically, in order to access raw emotion, and internal content. My intent is to reveal stories and situations that are biographical in nature, but removed from reality. Feminine identity and humanity's connection to environment are investigated in this body of work.

In the "Picking Fights" series I argue with inanimate objects. These performances may or may not produce dialogue that leads to another work, however, the action is the basis for the piece. The process of making the work is the product.

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