Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let's all get naked, for the hell of it.

Ah, nudity. The eternal double edged sword. Nudity = sex. Right? To be nude is to be sinful, sexual, risque, pornographic, lustful, whorish, hedonistic, bold, seductive, etc. To be a nude women comes with it's own baggage. Nudity is a strange beast. Models, celebrities and the like appear nude or with hands or hair at just the right angle to hide the really naughty parts. Our media is flooded with images of actors and actresses in highly sexualized poses, nude or otherwise. Give us hip shakes, pelvic thrusts, on-stage simulated dry-humping, but one breats during the Super Bowl and it's pandemonium. But try it yourself and forget it! Nudity seems to be reserved for the rich, famous and beautiful. People may enjoy paintings of nudes, proudly displayed in their living rooms for all to see, but the actual body still seems off limits. The human body has been generally the same for thousands of years, but, for some reason, the act of becoming nude, or revealing your own body is a big problem. "Do what you must, but for the love of God, keep your clothes on!"

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