Thursday, July 5, 2012

Possible Answers to Interesting Questions, continued

I will try to define these ideas, relating them back to my own work.  Influence can be the work of artists, or just the outside world, something I have read or something I have experienced. All these things filter into my studio practice. To recognize and isolate these influences is a bit harder. Recognizing how each influence effects my work is difficult. One thing I do recognize is that I am often influenced by the words of artists more so than the psychical work sometimes. The words are how I make sense of the work, and how I can apply ideas to my own work. Influences from things I read filter in from multiple sources. I may remember something I read and include that idea in a specific work, or I might have a number of things floating around my head while working on a series. Some things may stay forgotten, and emerge 10 years later. How does this differ from citation? To cite something is to claim a reason for doing something, whether it be a specific work or way of working. It can be a reason that brings you to a conclusion.  Reference, on the other hand, seems to suggest using an idea for your own means. You can include a reference but have it take on a whole different form in your work. A reference is not concrete, and may become unrecognizable, transformed. Every formal decision is made for a reason, and those reasons may stem back to influence, citation or reference. Is this the magic formula used by artists to create work?

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