Monday, August 13, 2012

8.13.12 continued

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  1. I see Lacan also recognizes a trinity of experiences. My mistake.

    I find it atypical to map his word 'Real onto my word 'Abstract until I realize that for him Real is unattainable because of the the alienating influences of constructed symbols. My abstract perception is the one stripped of (abstracted from) these overt modifiers. But I think they exist in each of us intact and operate on us always.

    It is the outer world which views them through the lens of society and we see ourselves in that deformed mirror. So we have with us constantly these two perceptions of self (even as we argue with inanimate objects, symbols, or icons). To the extent we can keep these to images separate and use them as unique tools for exploration (right tool for the right job) is the extent to which we can effectively operate with our dreams intact and within our social habitat.

    I find your exploration of perceptual experience clear sighted precise, your projects well constructed and focused. I think we can be (and need to be) in control of our own 'Real in order to hold up a well formed mirror to the gaze of the world. I enjoyed reading your thesis. Thank you.