Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scratching the 7 Year Itch

In a long term relationship, it seems like so much is at stake. The time and effort invested has shaped both individuals,  both visibly and psychologically. I often refer to myself as "we," reinforcing the idea that I am, in fact, a unit and not an individual. But then there is the urge to rebel. It's such a silly urge that goes against the very core of a union.  Perhaps it is a little leftover teenage cockiness, or maybe just a bad reaction to something you ate, but sometimes a need for independence creeps in, challenging the stability of that union. The urge to control, or micromanage seems not to be exclusive to managers and executives. The need to keep one another happy can be overwhelming sometimes, while the importance of the individual becomes less of a priority.
This is what my new work examines.


  1. "Now the rite is duly done, now the word is spoken...and the spell has made us one, which ne'er be broken
    Rest we dearest in our home, roam we o'er the heather, we shall rest and we shall roam, shall we not together? From this hour, the summer rose, from this hour the winter snows, lighter fall to harm us. Fair or foul on land or sea, came the wind or weather, BEST OR WORSE, what'ever they be, we shall share together

  2. Cool, will we be seeing visuals soon.

    I wandered over to your blog because I'm working on a book in which my images are joined on the page with text to create a semantic abstraction of both word, page, and image. I want the the book, the page to serve as a vehicle but that the end product is not a series of pages but a body of work which can't be separated into distinct image or pages.

    I struggling to choose text which operates to transform the page into an abstraction of a page: the book which is clearly a book, into something which uses properties of a book to operate differently on the viewer than as a narrative or index.

    I look to your work because, in my mind, it tends to re-frame conceptual utility without loosing the actual utility of your operators. So much analytical art strips an object of it's fundamental properties and says, "Now look at this". It seems to me your work (like the best photography) holds up a real system without cutting it away from it's context and allows us to abstract a metaphor from a clear perspective (yours).

  3. Hiya
    I have been working with that idea-of a number of images/video/text to serve as a piece- also. My recent work has been questioning my perspective, and how much the perspective of the significant other plays into that. I appreciate your comment about the utility of my work, or the efficiency of it (which is how I interpreted what you said). I am not so much analyzing as I am trying to make a candid statement about my own truth, and how that truth is influenced.