Monday, February 14, 2011


I have started to receive my stories in the mail. This is the more exciting part of the project. I am thinking about how to display these stories with the profiles. I thought of either having them in a book for people to read, or actually having them in the envelopes at the exhibit for people to open themselves, reading them for the first time. The act of experiencing the story is important to the project and it would be nice to have people read the stories as part of viewing the work.
What do you think?


  1. are you familiar with the work of Nick Bantock? He's an artist/writer from Canada. He wrote, among other things, a series of books about these characters named Griffen and Sabine. His books are read by opening up envelopes in each page and reading their letters or postcards. He also wrote /illustrated a book called "Museum at Purgatory" which I think you would really like.

  2. Thanks Wendy, that sounds amazing. I will add it to the list of books I want to read this Summer!