Saturday, April 23, 2011


Engaging with space it is what art does. How much or how little? Art can wear the mask of normal household objects, but must still have the ability to transform the space, or the person's way of interacting with the space. These are issues I have been tossing around when thinking about installing my work May 7th,
I am asking people to witness stories for themselves, to be confronted with faces that look out them, waiting to be seen.
Working through three different ways of display for the Ancestor/Ancestry project has led me to a long, wall mounted shelf with profiles sitting on the shelf, all of then individualized in some way. I have attached fabrics, paint and other materials to these profiles in order to give them a personality.

Three other shelves will be wall mounted and hold plain wooden profiles.

The mirrored pieces will be hung around a square "room" so the viewer is confronted with multiple reflections.

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