Saturday, April 16, 2011

New York City

After a soggy day in NYC I have some advice/reflections on my experience. First and foremost, never go to the MoMA on a Saturday when the entire country of France is on vacation. Second, always wear proper footwear. Now onto the art: I saw a lot of great work today, some that I knew about and some that is brand new. The most exciting works at the MoMA included Louise Nevelson's "Sky Cathedral", a watercolor scroll by Huang Yong Ping, and a work by Cildro Miladres (sp?) which consisted of multiple hay bales stacked to form one giant hay bale, surrounded by gold thread and a golden needle. The piece commanded the room (which contained a lot of other things).

Other highlights included Robert Motherwell's "Pancho Villa, Dead and Alive, Mark Rothko's "No. 3/No. 13" and some pointy paper spikes by Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

A guilty pleasure -Was thrilled to see Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World".

Once I've seen a Pollock, I've seen them all. The same goes for most abstract expressionism.

The most exciting show in Chelsea was David Altmejd. His works were amazing constructions inside enormous clear acrylic boxes. The grotesque work he did in the past didn't compare to the fragile beauty of the worlds he created. These works were constructed environments that continually distorted my perceptions of what was inside and outside the main frame.

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