Monday, March 28, 2011

For my project I will be displaying my profiles in a few ways. First, I will build a small library unit and place the profiles of the Ancestors on the shelves. Displaying the profiles in this way will reference books to be read, stories to be told, people to meet, faces to learn. The elderly in this society are often placed away from the rest of the world. "Put on a shelf, " in a way. Tucked away to collect dust. These references are also recognized with this piece

Second, the profiles will be placed at eye level around a room where the viewer can circle around, surrounded by the Ancestors. In the center of the room will be their stories, in the form of unopened letters. The viewers are encouraged to open these letters and read them. These profiles will be reflective so the viewers can look at the profiles and also see themselves reflected in the faces of their Ancestors. My attempt at creating a mirrored surface on wood has failed. I plan to try cutting profiles out of mirrored glass next.

I almost have 100 profiles.

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