Wednesday, March 9, 2011

what happens to the fine china?

What does it mean when the last of the generation gives way? How is this passing marked in time or history? What happens to all of their fine china?China collections seem to be a thing of the past. Today, married couples seem to put more stock in other things, rather than choosing their own china patterns and displaying them proudly in their curios. Sure, these things may be passed down, to be put on top shelves until the holidays, but what does it really mean to the new generations?
What do collections mean? It seems primarily to be a Western phenomena. This is my collection of pewter.... carnival glass......Pez dispensers. It seems we are all hoarders to an extent. We hoard things that act as signifiers of wealth, hobby or obsession. People in other cultures hoard yams.....stories.....memories. We seem to connect our memories to material object more than any other culture.

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